Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Vinyl Destination: Listening party Dec. 27th

Crate diggin, choppin samples, playin tunes, spinning history and memories now rediscovered after a solitary, sentence in a vault. The forgotten has been brought back into mind in the present. Conversations are being held about these sounds that have aged in darkness, now timeless, when brought into the light. 13 tracks. 10 instrumentals. 3 tracks accompanied by the vocals of one artist by the name of Conscious. Take a digital journey through a soundscape that was once analog. This album is best absorbed on first listen to in headphones, preferably late at night in a comfortable place, sans outer disturbances.

Latchkey: The Bootleg - Song appears on the LP Vinyl Destination. Digital release on Eklektic Gardens - 2005

The self filmed and edited video was created using a Kodak 2.0 mega pixel digital camera with no sound and limited to 30 second clips of footage taken at a time. A true testament of what one can do with a lil time and a lot of love for music. windows media watch


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