Monday, November 21, 2005

The Thoughtful EP / Open Air

Relax Star Vibe School
A special listening party for the release of
"The Thoughtful EP"
The New release by Thinker
(Scroll all the way down to peep out a review we lifted off of the net.)
from 8:30 - 9:30 pm. Come out and listen to the joints and buy the CD at a discount
in advance!
from 9:30 - 10:30 pm 'Open Air' film screening

After two years in the making, Lou Auguste and Alyssa Natches proudly present the premiere of their documentary OPEN AIR. They've tracked down the top street artists in the nation including Faile, ESPO, Tiki Jay One, Skewville, Dan Witz and Mike De Feo. OPEN AIR showcases many of these artist's doing live work both on the street and in their studio and provides insight into the culture of street art with indepth interviews and commentaries. Plus the whole movie is cut to a brand new hip hop soundtrack with beats by DJ OJA and Todo the
Shellfish. A can't miss for anyone who has seen the work up on the streets and always wanted to know who is behind it. Special appearences by some of the artists featured in the documentary.

For a sneak peak check out the trailer at:

From 10:30 pm - until Todo the Shellfish will be spinning Indie Hip-Hop and Grooves. Sorry Tah Phrum Duh Bush will not be spinning this week. He's out in Tennessee till Saturday. The party will be dope nonetheless! Be there. Alien Cards will be accepted for $1 off of each and every drink you have.

349 Broom Street
(between Bowery and Elizabeth)
in NYC
No cover!

Drink Specials all night!

This will be the 4th nstallment of a new weekly event called "Relax Star Vibe School". This is an event where the makers and lovers of indie and underground music get together to dance, build, drink, relax and indulge in the elements they create, share and admire.

This event is just a baby so come out and watch it grow. Be the first to say "I was there when it started out and look at it now!" will be in the house seeling indie CDs at discount prices. Peep em out online then buy em at M-Bar at discount prices) will be in the spot accepting CD's for reviews and such.

Keep your eyes open for special performances by various artists and impromptu freestyle sessions in up coming weeks. There will be listening parties and special events. It's gonna be crazy. Artists can feel free to bring their music and have it spun so they can see the crowds reaction. Promotion of indie music and art is encouraged!

Hope to see you there!

Tah Phrum Duh Bush Alien Cards will be accepted for drink specials and discounts.

If you don't have one, get one at any Tah Phrum Duh Bush events and shows or
send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Push In the Bush Records
Attn Alien Card
1375 Coney Island Avenue #223
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Let's relax star... and vibe out as we school people on how the underground can party!

Be there!

"The Thoughtful EP"
Review by Ire Flux

is the day we finally admit to ourselves that EVERYONE owns a microphone and believes they are the next big thing to hit a stage. Hip Hop connoisseurs today we admit to ourselves that there are many, many...MANY shelves full of dramatic, "emo" stemmed, whiney filled albums. Hip Hop fans Today is the day we admit to ourselves that there is a lot of aspects of the genre that has been 'overly cooked' but not very 'well done' ease your weariness and introduce you to artists that are still doing it RAW. Straight from the catacombs of the boogie down comes Thinker- a newbie-veteran producer that sets atmospheres vast with originality and chilled vigor.

Thinker brings to us 'The Thoughtful EP' which is aptly titled. An eclectic canyon of asphalt cracking love that seems to never get old. Just when i thought everyone was going cotton soft came an EP hard off with teeth grinding grime outlined in a jazzy cool. From when 'Garden of Eden' chimes in almost unexpectedly with a in your face delivery from Nixx-P, Quest and Skallah to each track following- Thinker never fails to surprise you. The first 3 tracks [my personal favorites] paint a picture of midnight, smoke screened cyphers laced with playback verses from each emcee [my favorites: Tzo, Nixx P]- city classics unheard but so vital and missed in memories of the golden age of hip hop. Especially track 3- "Room" - which ended it all for me. This track is an INSTANT classic and is worth the 7 dollars in its very own. A 9 emcee session catapulted by an oddly addictive sweeping beat from the deep realm of dope. Words dont describe what the track has the power to do to you- let your head do the talking and your eyes do the popping. This track not available for spins is a travesty in its own.

After Room destroys your train of thought- Thinker flips the script and lets you rest your innards with "Nature" [a quasi-jazz infected hypnotists strip tease],"Change" [God's Chocolates spoken beauty over a interlude through time], "Wee Hours" [a coffee house turned funk jungle cypher session feauturing Miles ghost and underrated emcees], and "Sweet Tooth" [a sugary reminsecent journey through past Hendrix summers featuring Skallah]. Each track following the same script of creativity and an ease of worry that good hip hop still exists. And it will repeat in your soundsystem again.

Thinker, a producer born from musical skin, really surprised me with his ability to find new sounds that work well together. Versatility for Thinker and his whole crew is almost too easy for each- but as a listener you will appreciate it after one listen. This EP gives you a variety of listening that you can only recieve with a whole visor holder of cds. Thinker- along with Tzo, Nixx P, Skallah, Conscious, Quest, L Starr, Esco, Whyld, Ignite, and God's Chocolate has pulled off an 11 track gem that now can easily be considered as one of my favorites thus far in 2005.

Thanks to Basement 2 Da Pavement and Thinker for being
the hip hop community.

Overall Rating: 4
Favorite Track: #3 - "Room" [Anthem for 05]

I Suggest You: BUY this album.


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