Wednesday, January 18, 2006

About last night. : Sentence's Listening Party.

Well if you missed it. Too Bad. Especially for all you guys that made promises to be there. Oh well. You missed out. We all had a great time. Ha ha you missed it. For all of you guys though that had a legitimate reason other then you just plain ol fronted on the Vibe School, it's cool we'll see you next week for the Say Word: Pressed For Time listening party.

The Relax Star Vibe School team is putting together ideas right now for a special Valentine's Day show. We're quite sure that on that night the M Bar will be quite fragrant with the sweet scent of valentine's day flowers and special blend oils burning in lamp.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

January 17th, 2005: Sentence - There and Back

"Never A Next Time - Sentence" length: 05:06
sentenceradio.gif Stream HIFI Never A Next Time - Sentence play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Never A Next Time - Sentence download (5.86 MB)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Jan, 10th 2006: Sunshine Or Pure Shade Listening Party

On Tuesday January 10th 2005 at 7:45 pm
349 Broom Street
(between Bowery and Elizabeth)
in NYC

This is a free event!

It would be greatly appreciated but not necessary if you RSVP'd so I know how many people to anticipate for refreshments and such. The location is below, keep reading.

This will be a chance for people to get together and listen to the album and ask me any questions they may have about the songs; ask other people who have the album how they feel about it; and have a relaxed time. I don't always get to talk to everyone at my live shows because there are so many people to get around to but I will get to everyone on the 10th. I'll be there from about 6pm until the place closes at around 4am. So if you wanna come out early that's cool too.
I know you have the album already, so what! Come out and meet some other people who don't have it. Shyt, bring a friend who you think might want to hear it. I will be giving away autographed pictures. Hey. you never know there just might be an impromptu performance. You know how those things go with me. you never know what you might miss. So be there. There's gonna be a raffle too so you don't wanna miss out.

Also: Butt Naked Aliens wrestling in endoplasmic goo on the lower level. Wrestle naked at your own risk! Bring out your Alien Cards to get drink discounts and to avoid abductions. $6 Red Devils from 8-9 pm and other drink specials all night.

Remember Tuesday, January 10th 7:45pm

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


A new year has come. This will be a productive one for a lot of us. We at Relax Star Vibe School extend a networking hand to all artist serious about being their most progressive this year. The independent and thriving communities have our support. We ask that you only return the favor by attending our events and spreading the word so our network will grow.